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WhatsApp Now Allows users to edit Messages but there is a Catch

whatsapp edit message

For years users have been asking for one crucial feature on Whatsapp and finally, it rolled out yesterday. 

Announced on a blog post, Whatsapp allows senders to edit messages within 15 minutes time limit. Telegram and Signal have already offered this editing feature, and now WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has followed suit.

The updates start rolling out globally and soon be available on all devices, probably in the coming weeks. 

How It Will Work

whatsapp edit message
  • Users have to long press on the message and have to choose ‘Edit’ from the drop menu
  • Users can then make changes to the message, correcting any spelling mistakes or modifying the text.
  • The edited message will be labeled as “Edited,” indicating to the receiver that it has been modified. However, the edit history and specific changes made will not be visible.
  • Users will have a 15-minute window to edit their messages before the time limit expires. 

This update is a significant step for WhatsApp to match the messaging capabilities of its competitors like Signal and Telegram, which have long-supported message editing. However,  Meta-owned Facebook was the first platform to introduce edit buttons globally. After years of speculation and hearing users’ feedback, Meta has introduced ‘edit’ buttons on Whatsapp. The step is a big relief and useful for users who are prone to typing errors. 

Interestingly, Last year Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Blue subscribers will be able to edit their tweets, further demonstrating the demand for editing capabilities across various platforms.