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Elon Musk Reveals Exciting New Feature for Twitter: Details Inside

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After announcing calls and encrypted messaging on the platform, Elon has surprised Blue Verified users with another update. On Thursday, Elon took to Twitter to announce an exciting new feature: Blue Verified subscribers can now upload videos of up to 2 hours in duration, with a file size limit of 8 GB.

This move is part of Elon’s vision to transform Twitter into a comprehensive content creation platform, accommodating long videos, short-form content, blog posts, and more. Earlier this year, Elon had already revealed plans for Twitter to share ad revenue with content creators, incentivizing them to utilize the platform beyond text and images.

Elon’s tweet read, “Twitter Blue Verified subscribers can now upload 2 hours videos (8GB)!”

While many users have welcomed this new feature, some critics worry about potential piracy and an influx of irrelevant content cluttering up users’ feeds. Recently, there was an unfortunate incident where a Twitter user leaked The Super Mario Bros Movie, which was subsequently watched by millions before being taken down.

This month, Twitter users have witnessed significant changes in the platform and its administration. From the appointment of a new CEO to the introduction of calling and encrypted messages, and now the support for extended video uploads, Twitter is going through a period of turbulence.

The impact of these emerging changes on Twitter’s future remains to be seen. They could be game-changers or contribute to its decline; only time will tell. Enjoy your tweeting experience now, and stay tuned for further updates.