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10 Best Headphones Under 500 In 2023

Best Headphones Under 500

Finding the best headphones under 500 is like looking for a needle in the haystack. There are so many options available, and it makes us confused which one to choose and which one is best suitable for our needs. 

When you search for budget headphones, you need to look for headphones that deliver stunning audio along with rich and balanced bass. Moreover, the cable needs to be long enough, so you don’t have to pull every time, and it needs to be tangle-free, so it doesn’t get damaged easily.  

But which headphones are best and meet all the requirements, don’t worry, we got you covered. 

We have carefully listed the best headphones under 500 that are suitable according to your need. Whether you need headphones for gaming, calling or just listening to music. Our list surely helps you to get what best out there. 

Best Headphones under 500

Here is the list of best headphones under 500; check it out. 

1) boAt Bassheads 100 

2) Boult Audio BassBuds X1 

3) Realme Buds 2 

4) Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic  

5) JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones 

6) pTron Boom Ultima Headphones 

7) Philips SHE1505 In-Ear Rich Bass Headphones 

8) Samsung EHS64 Headphones 

9) boAt Bassheads 225

10) Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop In-Ear Wired Earphones 

1) boAt Bassheads 100 

boAt Bassheads 100
boAt Bassheads 100

Our first choice for best headphones under 500 is boAt Bassheads 100. This Beautifully crafted headphones feature robust wired connectivity and deliver stunning sound for your favourite tune. 

It features a sturdy PVC cable and allows you to play your music tangle-free. The headphones work with a 3.5 mm audio jack and are compatible with all devices such as mobile, laptop, PC, and more. 

Further, the hawk inspired gives elegance to the headphones. Both earcups pair with 10 mm drivers and produce super extra bass for any music, starting from classic to modern. 

As for frequency range, boAt offers a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. 

boAt has equipped these headphones with in line mic and produce clear and better sound for calling or conferencing. The integrated multifunction control ensures that you can easily control your music and take a call without touching your phone. Moreover, it also supports quick access to voice assistants as well. 

Out of the box, boAt Bassheads come with a pair of headphones and a carry pouch, making it extremely easy to carry around hassle-free. 

boAt offers several colours for these particular headphones and meets with every type of music lover taste. The crystal clear sound with a comfy design ensures that you can wear it for a very long time without hurting your canals. 

The overall design is lightweight, plus the cable length fits perfectly on budget. All of these fancy features trade-off two things; first, it’s not water-resistant at all, some drop of water on your mic and it stops working. Second, it doesn’t feature Active or Passive noise cancellation, which we possibly see in every budget headphones. 

If you need headphones solely for music, then boAt bassheads 100 is a nice choice to have in your pocket. 

2) Boult Audio BassBuds X1 

Boult Audio BassBuds X1
Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Boult Audio Bassbuds X1 is another premium choice of headphones that comes in your budget. These headphones design to give the user a premium level of sound along with rich and detailed bass. 

The ergonomic and lightweight design ensures that users stay connected with the headphones for a long time and feel comfortable while wearing them. Moreover, the premium finishing enhances the overall beauty of the headphones. I like its snug fit design, which easily adjusts in-ear and gives a perfect fit without hurting ears. 

As for cable, Boult has equipped this pair with Kevlar Reinforced cables with well-built quality and sturdy material.

The headphones are built with Aerospace-grade AL alloy drivers and give the best acoustics. The sound is coupled with punchy bass and delivers 3D HD sound for music or calling. 

Further, the integrated buttons make it easy to control music and take calls. Best of all, it features IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistant technology that protect your headphones from some drop of water and sweat so, if you are a gym lover or frequently go running, then these headphones are a top-notch choice for you. 

It does not feature any noise cancellation technology, so we don’t recommend it for the crowd area. 

With its Aluminum Body and excellent design Boult Audio Bassbuds X1 is a great choice for the best headphones under 500. 

3) Realme Buds 2 

Realme Buds 2
Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2 is a successor of Realme Buds with better sound quality, better fit and better design. It pairs with Powerful 11.2 mm bass boost drivers and delivers deep and warm sound for your music needs. 

With these headphones in your pocket, you can take your music listening journey to the next level. The drivers ensure that headphones produce accurate and crystal clear and only listen to those most important rhythms. 

Further, the inbuilt mic is quite powerful and produces impeccable audio so the caller can listen to your voice. Apart from this, it also features Built-in magnets that provide the ultimate solution for neatly storing your earphones. 

Coming to the design, Realme offers a matte and streamlined design that looks just beautiful and attractive and enhances the elegance of your room. Realme provides a premium and reinforced braided jacket and two evenly grooved TPU cable, and makes sure that headphones stay tangle-free. 

Best of all, it comes with a built-in cable organizer that adjusts your cable according to your need and keeps your earphones tidy. 

There is also an integrated button available for taking calls, playing or pause music and changing the track. 

One thing to notice here is that it doesn’t feature any noise cancellation technology; however, it isolates some amount of noise for better listening and calling. 

The only complaint against Realme Buds 2 is that there is no colour or design to choose from. Realme offers six months of warranty and the headphones, so if headphones stop working or deliver noise sound, you can easily replace them. 

Realme Buds 2 is a premium-level headphones that offers powerful audio with punchy bass. 

4) Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic  

Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic
Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic

If you are really into deep bass and need headphones primarily for listening to the latest music, then Xiaomi Mi earphones basic is the best headphones under 500 you can get. It pairs with 10mm drivers, produces luxury sound and intense bass, and takes your music experience to the next level.

Further, the aluminium sound chamber adopts highly crafted and precise headphones structures that deliver balanced sound with good treble performance. It manufactures with an ergonomic design and anti-slip technology that prevents it from dropping out and protecting your earphones from any types of harm. 

Personally, I like the strong L shaped AUX cable that features a strong design and bent at 45 degrees for longer durability and comfort. The earbuds feature a high-quality Silicone design and ensure that they fit perfectly on the ear without giving any pain or uncomfortableness. 

There is also a one-touch play button and allows you to control your track with ease. It only weighs 14 grams and feels extremely lightweight while carrying around or wearing it. If you gym or travel a lot, you won’t feel a thing with this baby in your ears. 

Coming to the mic, the in-built mic is really powerful and produces a clear voice. Though it is not powerful as Realme Buds 2, it’s still great for calling. 

There are three different colours available for this product; Blue, Black and Red. All of these colours look elegant and feel premium in your hand. 

To sum up, if you need a lightweight design that delivers deep bass, Xiaomi Mi Earphones is the right choice for best headphones under 500.

5) JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones 

JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones
JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones

When it comes to headphones, and we don’t mention JBL on our list of best headphones under 500 make our list insufficient. JBL always comes with products that win the customer’s heart and delivers powerful performance. 

JBL C50HI in-ear headphones feature JBL signature sound, which delivers stunning audio along with high clean bass. 

It works with a 3.5 mm L shape jack and connects instantly with any compatible device such as Smartphone, Laptops, Tablet, etc. Best of all, it features a Nose isolation microphone that isolates any unnecessary noise and makes sure that the caller hears your voice crystal clear. The wire has a 1.2-meter length and sits perfectly on your pocket. 

As for cable, it is not sturdy compared to Boult, but it doesn’t break easily and also features high fidelity to protect your headphones from accidental damage. JBL provides three headphones design; Black, Blue and Red. All of these colours look bright and stand out from the crowd for sure. 

There is one integrated button for voice calls, control music and access voice assistant. You can easily access the voice assistant by long-pressing the remote. The design of the headphones looks classy, well-built and stays with you for a long time. 

JBL offers three sizes of earplugs to choose from, and all of these are lightweight and comfortable to use for a long time. The biggest knock against it is that it doesn’t feature any water-resistant technology, so we don’t recommend it for light raining or intense gyming. 

JBL C50HI is well balanced and comes with an affordable price tag that gives plenty of room to enjoy your music. 

6) pTron Boom Ultima Headphones 

Whether you want headphones for listening to music, watching movies or just calling, pTron Boom Ultima headphones is the pair where your search can end. The headphones primarily design to deliver thump and punch bass along with impeccable sound. If music is your priority, then pTron Boom Ultima is the right choice for you. 

It features 4D dual drivers that are ideal for gaming, music and streaming movies. As for design, you’ll get what you pay for – a luxurious build that is designed just for music lovers. It features various technologies such as a unique catheter, high-resolution diaphragm, electroacoustic conversion, and noise reduction net on the earphone. All of this fancy technology makes these headphones a compelling choice to have. 

pTron offers a response frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. Apart from this, it also features a sensitivity of 101 dB. 

The 1.2 anti-tangle cable fits perfectly on your pocket and ensures that it isn’t damaged while you put it in the pocket or used in a gym. There are two different colours to choose from Dark Blue and While. Both look beautiful and crafted with solid material. 

It also features a sealed in-ear design that kills background noise for deeper game immersion and gives a comfortable fit for long hours. Thankfully, there are cable audio controls that provide easy access to mic mute, play, pause and skip. 

Out of the box, it also comes with a free storage pouch, making it extremely easy to carry around and protect it from any harm. 

If you need headphones with a sexy and cool design, plus looking for something that is ideal for gaming, then pTron Boom Ultime headphones are by far the best choice you can get. 

7) Philips SHE1505 In-Ear Rich Bass Headphones 

Philips SHE1505 In-Ear Rich Bass Headphones
Philips SHE1505 In-Ear Rich Bass Headphones

If you need headphones primarily for calling, then Philips SHE1505 is a top choice for you. Passive Noise isolation technology isolates all the background noise and unnecessary sound that keeps interrupting during a call and produces crystal clear sound. 

Philips pairs the earcups with 10 mm drivers that deliver champion sound along with well-balanced bass. Apart from this, it is also equipped with an integrated microphone and call button that make it easy to take calls without touching your phone at all. 

There are also three interchangeable rubber caps for optimal fit in all ears and ensure that headphones perfectly fit your ears. 

Further, the 3.5 mm cable is durable and doesn’t get damaged easily. The overall design of the headphones is gorgeous and looks just fantastic as new. In addition to this, Philips provides six months of manufacturer’s warranty along with these headphones. 

With these headphones in your ear, it gives a premium feel. The inclusion of powerful bass, driver and premium design makes these headphones heavy compared to other products in this segment. 

In our experience, Philips SHE1505 is an ideal choice for calling and listening to music; if you plan to use it for gaming, then this might be not the product you should purchase. 

8) Samsung EHS64 Headphones 

Samsung EHS64 Headphones
Samsung EHS64 Headphones

Samsung EHS64 Headphones comes with a brand that always manufactures products with a premium design and performs precisely. 

The headphones deliver rich and deep sound along with detailed bass that enhances your music experience. It features a comfy and cool design that perfectly fits the ears and gives a comfortable feel for long hours. While the earcups are quite small compared to others in our list, it still fits precisely on the ear. 

The small earcups are beneficial for those who are running, biking or hiking. The small design prevents it from dropping out and protects it from any accidental damage. 

Best of all, Samsung EHS64 features water-resistant technology that protects it during light raining and intense workout. The 3.5 mm cable is durable and strong, which doesn’t break easily and ensures that it stays with you for a long time. 

Apart from this, the integrated mic produces warm and impeccable audio for calling or conferencing. Though it doesn’t equip with any noise cancellation or isolation technology, it can still isolate some noise and produce a clear voice. 

If you need something lightweight and durable that comes from a premium brand, then Samsung EHS64 is the right choice to have you on the board. 

9) boAt Bassheads 225

boAt Bassheads 225
boAt Bassheads 225

boAt Bassheads series comes with an affordable price tag and delivers potent performance. For this reason, boAt Bassheads 225 is another excellent choice for the best headphones under 5000. 

The headphones packs with 10 mm drivers that produce super extra bass and add extra rhythm to your listening. 

It features a 1.2 m PVC cable with the sturdy and durable build quality and gives a tangle-free music experience. It can be compatible with all devices and connect instantly. 

Furthermore, it also comes with sweatproof technology that protects the headphone during an intense gym workout. 

In addition to this, it has integrated Passive Noise Isolation, which less and less premium devices offer these days. The Engraved metal finish pours extra elegance into the headphones. 

The integrated mic gives a unique hands-free calling experience, and media controls make it easy to take calls without touching your smartphone. boAt offers seven different colours to choose from, and each of these just looks good.

Wrapping up, boAt Bassheads 225 is a great choice that is value for money and one of the best choices for best headphones under 500. 

10) Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop In-Ear Wired Earphones 

Boult Audio Bassbuds loop packs with 12mm powerful drivers designed to deliver extra bass and smooth audio for any kind of music track. The ear cups fit on every ear and the driver angled at 45 degrees. 

Moreover, L shaped connector features a sturdy grip to give flexible connectivity with the headphones. 

There is also a multifunction button that allows you to take control of your music with ease. In addition, it also features IPX5 water and sweat resistance that protects your earphones from light drop and sweating during your long hours’ gym session. It is best equipped with Inbuilt Micro woofers that help ear cups to produce sound with better and deep bass. 

The integrated microphone produces well-balanced sound and rich bass. Further, Passive Noise cancellation helps it isolate unnecessary noise and take your calling to the next level. The only downside of the headphones is their design which is not elegant or premium compared to their counterparts. However, with its unique features, it is a fair trade to not look into the design. 

Boult has equipped it with a durable Kevlar reinforced cable that gives a sturdier look to the headphones. 

To sum up, With its dedicated noise isolation and inbuilt micro woofers, Boult Audio Bassbuds is a powerful choice for listening to music, stream video, and gaming. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve listed the best headphones under 500 that offer some of the best features budget headphones require. All of the headphones in our list should be able to deliver just the rhythm you want to hear. 

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