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Best Monitor For Programming Under 10000 In India 2024

Best Monitor For Programming Under 10000 In India

Find the best monitor for programming Under 10000 In India and take your programming skill to the next level.  

Being a programmer is not easy. Programmers need to spend hours on digital screens to compile codes, test them and create something unique and praiseworthy. A digital screen is your best companion to comfortably code, find errors and run codes on the display. 

Programmers tend to prefer multi-monitor setups for several reasons, but productivity is paramount. An additional display along with a notebook panel allows you to run two tabs in different displays rather than running side-by-side. In this way, you have more real estate to analyze details, find any occasional errors, and run programs error-free. 

Apart from a significant impact on productivity, a multi-monitor setup allows one to edit programs on one monitor and see execution on another. If you like to get entertained while coding, you can compile code in one display and starts binge-watching on the other. 

Having an additional monitor for your setup can be a huge deal breaker for productivity, maximize efficiency at work, and distraction-free work environment. 

Best Monitor For Programming Under 10000 In India

1) LG 24MP450 Monitor

2) Lenovo L-Series L24i30 

3) BenQ GW2480 Monitor 

4) Acer Nitro QG271 

5) Zebronics A7FHD WideScreen Monitor

1) LG 24MP450 Monitor

LG 24MP450 Monitor
LG 24MP450 Monitor

The LG24MP450 features a high-quality panel with good contrast, natural color, and a strong base. The 24-Inch panel is ample for programmers with budget issues and has a sweet spot for multitasking and moving with two displays side by side. The 24-Inch display supports a 75Hz refresh rate. 

While it’s not one of the bezel-less monitors, in fact, it has a slightly thick border than we usually see in today’s monitors, it offers an advantage over screen wobbling and secure moving around without any issue. 

The panel is strongly joined with a strong base to give a tight and rugged base for the monitor. The stand itself is high quality and protects the panel from any wobbling. 

One feature you’ll unlikely find at a monitor this price is height adjustment, but the LG 24MP450 monitor gives a clear advantage over any cheap monitor by offering both height adjustment and tilt adjustment out of the box. 

The display produces natural colors and sharp text, pretty helpful while compiling lines of code. The text sharpness and crispness both pour extra beauty into the monitor features and your work too. 

If you frequently play games in your free time, the monitor also supports AMD Freesync to eliminate any tearing in games or maintain FPS matches with your Graphic card. 

Compiling codes to binge-watching Netflix, The LG 24MP450 monitor won’t let you down. However, there are no inbuilt speakers, so you’ve to work with your device’s speakers. 

The monitor also doesn’t shy away from offering crucial ports including HDMI and Display Port. Though the lack of a VGA port and VESA mount can be a deal breaker for some programmers, if you aren’t one of them, LG 24MP450 is our top recommendation for the best monitor for programming under 10000 In India.


  • Height adjustment
  • Display port & HDMI
  • Good picture quality


  • No inbuilt speakers 

2) Lenovo L-Series L24I30 

Lenovo L-Series L24I30
Lenovo L-Series L24I30

The eye-catching look, slimmer profile, and truly natural colors crown Lenovo L-Series L24i30 best budget monitor for programming in India. There are certainly some caveats, but for anyone looking for a modern design monitor with high-quality pictures and crispy text, Lenovo monitors are worth considering. 

The Lenovo L series monitors are noteworthy for their sturdy metal stands, they are substantial and tough and lie steadily on the desk surface and eliminating any possibility of wobbling. 

The 24-Inch iteration (exact area 23.8 inches) is plentiful for multi-monitor setup and with its slim profile, you can easily move it around. The base is metal, but the other structure is made from plastic, so it easily gets smudges. The rear features 4 holes for wall mount allowing you to attach a monitor to the wall. 

Regarding the ports, Lenovo incorporates one HDMI 1.4, VGA port, and audio out ports. As expected it doesn’t include any inbuilt speakers, but with a 3.5 mm audio output, you can connect any external audio peripherals. 

The Lenovo Smart Artery Software uses self-learning software to adjust the display’s brightness, colors, and customization. Moreover, it offers a split screen to put multiple apps in preferable areas, a good feature for multitasking or adjusting multiple apps on one screen.  

As far as brightness is concerned, Lenovo L-series monitor features 250 nits of brightness, out of the box. The brightness is not the brightness we’ve seen in a budget monitor, but it meets the boundaries of the brightness peak we expect in a budget monitor. 

The 23.8-inch display features a 75hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync, 16.7 Milion Colours, 72%NTS brightness, and a 16:9 aspect ratio. There is also anti-glare technology and a 178-degree viewing angle. 

Apart from the lack of a speaker, we’ve missed the height adjustment features in the monitor. The monitor only tilts, with no pivot or height adjustment supports. 

For anyone looking for a gorgeous-looking monitor with a slim profile, Lenovo L-Series L24I30 is the best monitor for programming under 10000. 


  • Strong metal base
  • Self-learning software 
  • Plenty of ports 
  • 3 Years of Onsite warranty
  • Wall mountable


  • No height adjustment
  • No speakers

3) BenQ GW2480 Monitor 

BenQ GW2480 Monitor
BenQ GW2480 Monitor

With excellent viewing angles, amazing picture quality, and a bright display, BenQ GW2480 monitors excel in every programming task as well as binge-watching Netflix, streaming YouTube videos, and more. 

The BenQ GW series offers the best value for money and serve far better specs and panel than we often see in budget monitor. The 24-inch panel looks sharp, vivid, and bright enough to see a clear image even in a bright room. Equipped with technology like Anti-Glare and low Blue light technology, the Benq offers all the functionality to protect eyes from any damage. 

Unlike the metal stand we’ve seen in the Lenovo monitor, Benq provides a plastic stand, though strong and steady. The stand is compact and high quality that attaches to the panel through a screw and allows tilt adjustment. 

Even though, the stand strongly joints with the panel, when you touch it with your hands and slightly move the panel it starts to wobble. So it doesn’t provide the sturdiness that comes with metal stand monitors. 

The 24-Inch panel features a 60hz refresh rate, 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution, and 250 nits of brightness. While a 60hz refresh rate is ample for office usage and programming but feels slow when gesturing and playing games. 

The rear side of the monitor features ports to connect with devices and the stand incorporates cable management inside the stand to give your desk a subtle and clean look. Apart from this, BenQ provides 2 inbuilt speakers for audio output. Though the sound is average and distorted, for normal listening, they are enough.  You also get wall mount holes too. 

The BenQ GW2480 is equipped with all the features, generous ports, and backed by 3 years of manufacturer warranty making it one of the best monitor for programming under 10000. 


  • Affordable monitor with all the features
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Bright and vivid display


  • Build quality can be better

4) Acer Nitro QG271 – Best Monitor For Programming Under 10000 For Gaming

Acer Nitro QG271
Acer Nitro QG271

The Acer Nitro QG271 combines beautiful picture quality with a high refresh rate, making it an ideal choice for programming, gaming, and office usage. The monitor is the largest in the segment with 27-Inch in total size and a nearly bezel-less display. 

The 24-Inch monitor features Full HD resolution and a 75hz refresh rate. It offers decent picture quality, an amazing peak of brightness (300 nits to be exact), a wide viewing angle, and a catchy stand

The monitor got thin borders with a thin design and looks amazing when on a multi-monitor setup. It has a V-shape stand made fully from plastic and announced itself as a gaming-orientated monitor strictly designed for aggressive gamers or someone who doesn’t like boring and simple designs on monitors. 

The V-shape stand is great aesthetically but ergonomically bad. It doesn’t protect the monitor from any wobbling or steadily keep the panel on the desk. When you nudge the border, it wobbles a lot. Though, the stand is small in size and leaves plenty of space on a desk to put other things. 

The Acer Nitro QG271 has great contrast and produces deep black colors for dark scenes. With incorporating 300 nits of brightness, you can use the monitor in a room full of natural lights. The brightness never feels dim or lacks depth. 

The major flaw with the Acer Nitro QG271 is its viewing angle. While it’s a good choice while staring directly at the monitor when viewing from the side or you need to show codes to your colleague or boss, the contrast ratio and images lose accuracy, and colors feel washed out. 

If gaming and extraordinary design are your priority with good picture quality, the Acer Nitro QG271 is a top-notch choice when it comes to the best monitor for programming under 10000 For Gaming. 


  • Great for gaming and programming
  • Good color production
  • Eye-catching design 


  • Needs high-quality stand

5) Zebronics A7FHD WideScreen Monitor

Zebronics A7FHD
Zebronics A7FHD

Take the Acer Nitro QG271 design but is simpler, change the stand from plastic to metal, and reduce some brightness, what you get is the Zebronics A7FHD widescreen monitor. Similar to Acer Nitro monitor it has a V-shape stand but is made of metal instead of plastic and it got an office-orientated design instead of gaming, the Zebronics monitor can be a good choice for programmers who likes something unique, but not visually appealing as gaming monitors. 

The Zebronics monitor has a 27-inch panel with a 75hz refresh rate, 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution, and 178 degrees of viewing angle. But you’ll only get 250 nits of brightness, though standard for the segment, it is slightly dimmer than the Acer Nitro monitor. 

The monitor has a slimmer design with ultra-slim bezels, a great choice for any multi-monitor setup. The stand built from metal gives it a steady base with less wobbling. The only time you’ll experience major wobbling is if you hardly nudge the screen. 

For connectivity you only get HDMI to connect laptop or PC. There is no display port. Though, you get built-in speakers, a wall mount, and a headphone jack to connect accessories. 

Zebronics monitor typically comes with average build quality, the Zebronics A7FHD is no exception. It got a decent build but feels cheap and misses some important ergonomics such as height adjustment and swivel. There is no cable management too. 

As far as the contrast ratio goes, the monitor goes well job by producing deeper black, but in a dark room, some black picture seems a bit grey. Apart from this, the picture quality, text sharpness, and clear details pour extra beauty into your programming work. 

If a large screen, simple yet unique design, and slim profile are a priority, the Zebronics 27-Inch monitor is the right peripherals for you. 


  • Metal stand 
  • Good picture quality
  • Ideal for office and multimedia 


  • Bad ergonomics 

Final Words

The best monitor for programming under 10000 needs to deliver good picture quality, sharp text, and a good viewing angle. While many monitors announce themselves as bad office monitor, not all of them have the luxury to become great monitors for programming. 

In the above list, we’ve curated monitors that check all the marks that make a monitor good for programming, but looking at a budget, we unsee some flaws for the sake of prioritizing picture quality and sharp text above all. 

Remember, when you’re on a strict budget you have to swallow the hard pill of compromising on something. We recommend compromising on areas such as ergonomics and limited ports, but never compromise on picture quality and resolution, as a programmer these are the two most important factors to consider in any monitor.